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Friday the 10th of May 2013 – June the 8th 2013

John Hart is an eminent NZ Photographer and also an artist member of the Otago Art


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A. John V. Hart  brings to his photographic art more than 50 years of experience and achievement. He is well known in both photographic circles and in the wider community for the quality of his award winning images exhibited both nationally and internationally. When he retired from regular competitive exhibiting a few years ago, he had won more gold medals than any one else in the  history of the PSNZ National  Exhibition which has been running for over 60 years.  John has also had a high profile as both a judge and guest speaker while his work has been seen in many publications over the years. He is a longstanding member of both Photographic Society of New Zealand and Dunedin Photographic Society.

John’s particular strengths are his ability to identify interesting and unusual subjects

even in unlikely situations, and to organise these in creative compositions using quality lighting that enhances the subject. A versatile photographer who has travelled extensively in New Zealand and overseas, his extensive collection includes landscape, seascape, human interest, nature, photojournalism, abstract design, and experimental processes. However, it is the natural environment which is his first love. He resides at Ocean View overlooking Dunedin’s wild and moody south coast.

John has also been a keen oil painter and follows all aspects of the creative arts, thus bring a broad perspective to his work. He is an Artist Member of Otago Art Society.

In this exhibition, John has chosen to use the wrap around canvas medium for his photographic images. He sees this as an interesting way to suggestively link his

creative environments involving  film, digital technology, palette and easel.

One response to “Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. genny

    New works by local artists. Congratulations to Darren Tautari He won 2nd prize in the HOPE AWARDS featuring South Island Artists. Darren also sold his work. We have some new pieces in the gallery too.

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